10 Tips for Successfully Responding to Real Estate Leads

    Whether you’re making social connections at a party or interviewing for a new job, first impressions are everything. And when it comes to real estate leads in mauritius, first impressions are more than just important—they’re crucial to your success.


    In the mauritian real estate industry, much time is spent focusing on the strategy behind building your brand, generating leads, negotiating, and closing sales.


     But what about the part in between finding leads and negotiating sales?


     What about the period of time when you’ve already found the lead, but you haven’t yet started building the relationship?


    Making a first impression with potential clients is so much more than just returning phone calls and cleaning out your inbox. Your first impression can help a potential client start to trust you, establish you as an expert in the Mauritian market, and secure your role as his or her real estate professional.

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     Consider these tips for a successful first encounter with a future client:


    1. Respond quickly.

    Between social media, online marketing mauritius, and information at the push of a button, today’s consumer expects fast, efficient service. The quicker you respond to an email, a phone call, text, or social media message, the more likely you are to convert that lead into a client


    Special note

    • 87% of leads feel that response time is “extremely important” when deciding on their real estate agent.

    • You’re 100x more likely to reach a lead than if you respond in 5 minutes versus 1 hour.

    • 32% of leads expected a real estate agent to reply instantly to their online inquiry.


    2. Pick up the phone whenever possible.

    If a lead contacts you via telephone, do not let it go to voicemail unless you are with a client. Many consumers won’t leave you a message and will move on to another agent if you don’t answer their call right away. If you are away or with a client, be sure to either text or set up an away message that says you will be in contact shortly.


    3. Respond in the same way that a lead contacts you—but don’t forget to be proactive!

    People reach out to you in a way that is most comfortable and efficient for them, so it can be beneficial to respect their choice when contacting them for the first time. It’s long been a best practice to respond back in the manner that the lead reached out to you. If a contact sends you an email, respond via email from l’express property. If he or she sends you a text message, text back and then suggest a phone call. If someone reaches out on the phone, call back. However, data is increasingly showing that response time is the most important factor in converting online leads. If comes down to a decision of quick response or responding in the same manner as the lead reached out, go with speed. Your pipeline will thank you for it.


    4.  Make sure leads know how to get in contact with you.

    Give leads multiple ways to get in contact with you l’express property is already doing part of the job with their landing form—by phone, text, email, or social media to make it most convenient for them. You want to show them that you are available and ready to address any of their needs.


    5.  Prove your value from the very beginning.

    Balance the need to respond as quickly as possible and respond with the information that lexpress property sent you about the potential client and what he/she is looking for as soon as you received a notification. If possible, have all relevant information in front of you. Prove your value and expertise from the very first conversation. Leave your lead with information he or she didn’t have before the call — a listing detail, or other valuable materials.


    If you are out and not able to collect the information requested, contact the lead right away and let them know that you are collecting the information that they’re looking for, but that you are happy to answer any other questions they may have. Then, follow-up on your word and get back to them as soon as you can with the other requested information.


    6.  Have your own list of questions.

    Your new lead will likely have a list of questions for you that they may have posted in the subscription form of l’express property. But, make sure you have questions prepared for them. What are they looking for in a home?Ex: A 3 bedroom villa in Clos du littoral.


     What makes now the right time to buy or sell? There is great opportunity on the re-selling units from the evaco project.


    What are their must-haves? Ex:Mauritian working permit 

    Are they a first–time buyer or seller? Ex: Mauritian young professional that is looking for a two bedroom apartment to settle their life.


    Asking questions that allow you to best serve them will work wonders for both of you. They’ll feel valued and like you truly care about what is important to them, and having as much information as possible will allow you to work smarter and faster for them.


    7.  Consider that there may be multiple decision makers.

    In most real estate transactions there are multiple people tasked with making a decision, whether it’s a couple, family members ( herities), parents helping their children buy a first home, or friends buying a vacation property together. Make sure you know who is involved so that you don’t overlook important parties.


    8. Respect their schedule.

    Yes, your new lead is looking to buy or sell a home. But they also have other things going on in their lives. If you pick up the phone to call a lead and he or she sounds busy, ask, “Can I call you back at a time that is more convenient for you?” Then, always call back at the agreed-upon time.


    9.  Be patient.

    When a contact reaches out to you, it doesn’t always mean he or she is ready to buy or sell today. Maybe they are just browsing on l’express property to find opportunities. In some cases, it takes over a year for a lead to become active. But, that doesn’t mean you should brush them off. Still take the time to answer their questions, build the foundation for a relationship, and nurture the lead. Consider it an investment in your future business.


    10. Make sure all your leads are in your CRM.

    Once you hang up the phone or click send, take the time to enter your new lead into your CRM if they aren’t in it already. Keeping track of every single lead keeps you organized and helps you nurture leads until they’re ready for business. The way you approach and handle first contact tells your lead a lot about the way you do business.

    Remember that you’re not just selling a home, you’re selling yourself and the partnership you provide your clients.


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